A 30-minute lesson is sufficient time for student and PGA Professional to meet and run through a basic analysis of a particular area of the students’ game. It is designed for the person in need of a quick tune up before their next game of golf, regardless of what level they are at.

A 60-minute lesson allows the PGA Professional to run through a full game and swing analysis with the student. Through trackman technology and high-speed video cameras, learn your swing tendencies and discover the underlying root cause of ‘that shot’ that gets you into trouble! It includes a post lesson video summary which the student can refer to at any time. Suitable for all golfers of all levers that are struggling with inconsistency in their game.

2 People: $170 ($85 Each)

The ultimate lesson! Aimed towards the golfer that cannot get to the performance centre as frequently as they would like. Throughout the session, multiple areas of the students’ game can be worked on including full swing, short game, putting and game management. Post lesson video summary included.

2 People: $310 ($155 Each)

The world’s first human motion learning system allows golfers to understand their swing characteristics like never before using this 3D technology. We measure and assess any current swing flaws and then through audio and biofeedback training, learn the new movements and feelings necessary for more efficiency in your game.

Through Science and Motion (SAM), gain a comprehensive understanding of your putting stroke and learn the which parameters are affecting your putting the most. An absolute must for anyone keen on lowering their score. An elaborate report is prepared and given to the student on the day.

Are you new to golf? Have you heard the saying, ‘It is harder than it looks?’ That is absolutely true so give yourself the best chance to succeed and develop some fundamentals early on your golfing journey. This 6-hour program is designed for people with limited to no golfing experience. Students learn all areas of the game in a relaxed environment and obtain a summary of each session that can be referred to online at anytime.

2 People  $899 (449.50 each)  3 People $999 ($333 Each)

Two people - $1799 ($899.5 each) Three people - $1998 ($666 each)

The key to reaching your potential is understanding the game of golf and the journey you are once you become a golfer. Often described as a game we never master; Golf is a lifelong sport that people all over the world fall in love with. Why? Nothing beats that feeling of a well stuck golf shot. Your improvement in this game is not linear but rather rollercoaster like. This program is designed for the avid golfer that is dedicated to improving over time. This 12-hour program includes 8 x 1-hour sessions and 8 x 30-minute sessions over a 6-month period. After an initial full game analysis, a customized long term development program is discussed, and the journey begins.

 2 People $1799 ($899.50 Each) 3 People $1998 ($666 Each)