Golf is a game of attrition. Therefore, it’s a game of nutrition. All golfers need to eat well to perform at their best. A proper nutrition plan for golf aims to maintain concentration and prevent fatigue during a typical round lasting 3-5 hours. An optimised diet that provides a variety of foods (including carbohydrate, protein and some fat), along with staying hydrated is key to performing well on the course.

Pro Tip 1: have a small healthy snack every 4-6 holes or at the turn. Some snack ideas to have in a golf bag include cereal bars, fresh fruit, sandwiches (vegemite, peanut butter or jam), dried fruit & nut mixes, pretzels, scones, pikelets, banana bread or savoury crackers.

Pro Tip 2: avoid takeaway foods and processed snack foods such as lollies, crisps, pastries, cakes and soft drinks as these will spike your energy levels but make you crash hard. Also, if you are to have any alcohol either during or after the round, keep in mind that it will slow rehydration and recovery.

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